Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to The Brunch Hunt

So this is the part where I make the introductions.

My boyfriend, Stephen, and I recently moved to Houston from New York (there we are at our first Astros game, just like the locals do it). Coming from the city of brunches, we were big into the midday, love-it-or-you-hate-it tradition, dining on the weekends at our favorite restaurants and greasy spoons, or just making pancakes in his Park Slope apartment.

We're excited to continue the tradition here, and Houston in its own right boasts plentiful brunch options. I'm already eager to check out Tiny Boxwoods, Baby Barnaby Cafe and Cadillac Bar, to name a few. Only catch? We don't want to have to drive there. We live downtown, and would rather stroll to the restaurant and back and attempt to walk off our heavy mid-day meal, like we often did in New York.

Is that so much to ask? Given the limited local brunch options and downtown's weekend slowdown, maybe, but we attempt to find out with The Brunch Hunt — a weekly saga to find our favorite new weekend spot — ones that serves classic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict and huevos rancheros and piping hot coffee. And a decent Bloody Mary would be nice, too.

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