Saturday, October 8, 2011

Macondo Latin Bistro

There was a breakthrough in the brunch hunt this week.

It being Saturday, options were a bit limited for brunch, but Macondo came up on the ol' Google search, open at a yawn-inducing 7 am and serving breakfast until 2 pm. So we decided to check it out.

There was limited information online — a brief search didn't bring up a menu, and the website is the restaurant's Facebook page — so I was sortof expecting a hole in the wall. I was still hopeful, and when we came upon the Latin bistro on Travis Street, it was an immediately charming, inviting place. First of all, there were actually PEOPLE inside. We've been so used to dining literally alone at the past few restaurants, it was such a welcome site to see other diners enjoying their meals and making conversation. There was also light music playing that gave the place a joyful vibe, and the walls had intriguing, colorful art on them.

Grabbing a window seat, Stephen and I decided to take advantage of Macondo's coffee bar, and ordered the cup du jour — a pumpkin spice latte. It being October, pumpkin shows up pretty much everywhere this time of year — beer, cookies, pie, of course, and coffee. Given that the weather was a muggy 88 degrees today, it was a nice reminder that it is, indeed, fall. And the cup that waited us was a warm, sweet blend, with barely a hint of spice. I would have been fine with them just calling it a pumpkin latte.

The mysterious menu wound up boasting plenty of breakfast standards, including a nice special on pancakes and every meat imaginable, as well as Mexican specialties. I opted for the Colombian Breakfast ($8.25) — it reminded me and Stephen of an English Breakfast, with its hodgepodge plate, but this time I at least had an idea of what I was eating (someone please tell me what black pudding is). This didn't disappoint, coming with perfect servings of rice and beans, arepas, eggs (your choice), chorizo, and something called fresh cheese. It was like a less crumbly and pungent feta cheese, and was delicious with the arepas, which was oh-so-lightly crunchy. The chorizo was juicy and flavorful, too, and came in a fun, spiral shape, like a screw. The rice and beans were fine, but something was off — it was a little too plain, I think. But all together, it was a filling meal that offered a wonderful variety of tastes and sensations.

Stephen wasn't turned off from his first encounter with huevos rancheros down here to try Macondo's offering ($7.75), which is quickly becoming his standby. And what a world of difference it was. This plate was heaped with cheese, beans and a side of tortillas to put it all together with. Unlike the latte, the meal was  spicy, but not overwhelming. In fact, it was the "perfect kind of spicy," according to Stephen. And the tortillas were memorable — fresh and warm and unlike anything you'd ever find in the bread aisle of the grocery store. I wish I could have tortillas like that every time.

Verdict: Given our recent, unenthusiastic brunch outings, this gave me hope again. The service was quick and attentive, the prices were right, and the food was, simply, great. We both cleaned our plates, and not just because we were hungry. Since we have a few more options waiting in the the wings, the brunch hunt will be back next week with a new contender, but suffice to say, I can't wait to go back to Macondo and see what else it has to offer.

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